Are your Trello Boards Visible to the Public?

Trello is a terrific tool for project management and task management. The visual Kanban boards are flexible, shareable, and let you track your progress of projects with each card and with several team members.

But... Beware of making your Trello boards public!

I've been investigating something I came across by accident. A surprising number of company's Trello boards are visible to the world. These are internal boards which containing business ideas, progress, To-do's and in some cases marketing strategies with sensitive information.

Take a moment and check your own Trello boards and make sure the correct settings are applied.


Trello says "A public board is visible to anyone on the internet and will show up in search engines like Google. ... but any person with the link can view, even if they don't have a Trello account."

mehran jalaeiTrello should put more effort into making us all aware just what a public card means and educate them about the dangers of this setting. I've already contacted five different companies and made them aware of their own Trello cards being visible to the public. 

Mehran Jalaei | Senior Cyber Security Consultant