About Us


The Cyber Resilience Centre for Greater Manchester (CRCGM) is a not-for-profit venture between Greater Manchester Police and Manchester Digital

We are here to grow and strengthen the region's resilience to online crime by providing the highest standards in leadership, integration and collaboration across the cyber eco-system in Greater Manchester. 

CRCGM has an influential network of experienced partners at senior level across many sectors, including Banks, Financial and Professional Services, Trusted Suppliers, the North West Regional Organised Crime UnitGreater Manchester Combined Authority and local Universities through our collaboration with the Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry.

Our work is overseen by our Guidance Council, which is drawn from representatives across policing and leading technology companies to help us prioritise our work.


Our Values 

Resilience: Work with Greater Manchester’s business community to increase cyber awareness and resilience to online crime. 

Trust: Working alongside Greater Manchester Police to deliver NCSC accredited services to ensure effective cyber solutions are in place for businesses?

Skilled: Work with Greater Manchester’s up and coming cyber student talent to offer affordable services whilst developing their skills for a career in online security. 

Innovative: Serve as cyber leaders to Greater Manchester’s business community by working with the Cyber Expert group. 

Support: To be a centre/hub for Greater Manchester’s community to seek advice, support and signposting to other cyber services. 

Partnership: Unifying Greater Manchester’s public, private and commercial sectors for a cyber healthy business community.