North West Policing Trends 9/12/19

There were 19 reports across the North West this week with numerous reports concerning individual and business e-mail compromise.

home improvement company had e-mails compromised and attempts made to commit fraud, however the attack was thwarted by a text message querying the validity of some of the e-mails.  Similarly, the manager of a community centre was able to detect suspicious e-mails attempting to defraud them after they too had suffered an e-mail compromise.

A public sector employee suffered a compromise of her e-mail account due to the use of a weak password.  The account was used to spam other individuals with sexually explicit content.GMP

The offenders added a festive spin to their offending by contacting the victim’s contacts about potential “Christmas Compensation”.

An individual has had an app called Flexispy installed on their phone by an unknown offender.  The software allows complete monitoring of phone activities and can run in invisible mode.