CyberFirst - 7 Dec

Saturday 7th December 2019Cyber First

CyberFirst is free event by BAE Systems and the National Cyber Security Centre. It's being held in Central Manchester with activity-filled sessions tailored for Year 8 and 9 and their parents. CyberFirst gives students and their families an opportunity to see how studying Computer Science can help improve the understanding of technology in the workplace and in their homes. This event will help parents and students choose their subjects at GCSEs.

As a country we are becoming more digital with everything we do; let's learn to use it and defend it. 


CyberFirst Trailblazers, Year 8 (09:00am - 12:20pm) Register Here

Go Create – Learn the basics of how to customise a website and generate enthusiasm to contribute to the World Wide Web. 

Digital Detective – Use digital forensics to identify the first person who has contracted a disease and learn how open source intelligence can lead to finding out more information about this person. 

Creative Computing – Look into how creative design, arts and technology work together. Take a closer view on how the media industry and advertising combine these elements while having the chance in teams to create your own advert sequence using stop motion. 


CyberFirst Adventurers, Year 9 (1:15pm- 5:00pm) Register Here

The Data Games – Understand and use big data to create the perfect team using a set of sports results, compare with others and learn the interpretation of data. 

Crack the Code – Against the clock you will work within teams to unlock various devices, during this you will get a taste of cryptography, language analysis and understand some cyber security terms. But don't be distracted as the timer won't stop until you Crack the Code. 

Engineering – 3D printers have started to revolutionise the engineering industry, have a look into how technology and engineering fit together and move into the future in partnership. Have the chance to create your very own model using 3D design software. 

Watch the video to find out more about the day!