Meet our Trusted Supplier, Cybertec Group

Cybertec Group is a company consisting of ex UK Military service personnel who have years of experience in highly technical roles, from Integrated Communications Systems to Cyber Security for some of the UK’s most high readiness military units and emergency response.

Smishing Attempt - Real Example

This is a real example of a recent smishing txt message sent to Detective Superintendent Neil Jones’ personal phone on the 30th May at 8.12pm.

Trusted Supplier: Jovasi Technology

Jovasi Technology is the newest member to join the Cyber Resilience Centre for Greater Manchester’s (CRC) Trusted Supplier group. Established in 2008, they were working mainly with educational establishments at the beginning, but now provide cyber services to local authorities, public bodies and other organisations.

Cybercrime and the Law - Event Recording Now Available

Missed our Cybercrime and the Law event? It is now available to watch!

Detective Superintendent Neil Jones from Greater Manchester Police and Emma Green from cyber law specialists, Green CDL discuss the latest cybercrime trends against businesses, types of online offences and advice to stay safe online. 


Extortion Attempt - Real Example

Extortion emails are often attempts to trick the victim into paying large amounts of money based on a threat to expose personal information to family, work and friends. 

The majority of extortion attempts are false, the attacker does not actually hold the information or data they say they do. Head of Innovation at the Cyber Resilience Centre (CRC), Detective Superintendent Neil Jones received this email recently and wanted to share it as an example of what to look out for. 

Tell tale signs of a false extortion attempt:

CyberCrime and the Law - Useful Advice for Businesses, 28th May

crcOnline crime continues to evolve with devasting finacial consequences, but what does this mean for businesses? How can you keep your place of work safe from cybercriminals and what is at stake?

Join us on the 28th May as we discuss the latest cybercrime trends, what businesses can do to prevent attacks and what laws and methods are in place to tackle this growing problem.