Internal Vulnerability Service

crcThis service attempts to recreate an attack originating from a user who is connected to the internal network. This stage simulates two types of attacker: an attacker who has successfully breached the network perimeter and is attempting to exploit any services present there; and an insider threat from an employee. Attackers generally investigate the internal networking looking for opportunities for exploitation such as: 

• Unpatched or vulnerable services or systems. 

• Misconfigured services or systems. 

• Default or insecure credentials and user privilege escalation. 

• Guest Wi-Fi isolation and corporate Wi-Fi intrusion vulnerabilities. 

• Vulnerable VLAN and/or VPN configurations. 

• Lateral network movement and data exfiltration. 

The internal assessment we propose will investigate these areas highlighting vulnerabilities present on your internal network. Our final report explains and discusses our methodology, our findings and mitigation advice to better secure your internal network. 

We always provide a full list of explanations and recommendations in a simple, straightforward language.


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