The National Cyber Security Centre Announces its Annual Review for 2020

ncsc annual review 2020The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has launched their fourth Annual Review, which highlights their ongoing work against cyber attacks and how they’re supporting the UK during the coronavirus pandemic.

A part of GCHQ - The NCSC has defended the UK from 723 cyber incidents in the last year (200 related to coronavirus), which averages at 60 attacks per month. In the previous three years since launching, they supported an average of 602 incidents annually (590 in 2017, 557 in 2018 and 658 in 2019).

"This review outlines the breadth of remarkable work delivered by the NCSC in the past year, largely against a backdrop of the shared global crisis of coronavirus. From handling hundreds of incidents to protecting our democratic institutions and keeping people safe while working remotely, our expertise has delivered across multiple frontiers.

This has all been achieved with the fantastic support of government, businesses and citizens and I would urge them to continue contributing to our collective cyber security.” Lindy Cameron, Chief Executive of the NCSC

With cybercriminals looking to exploit public fear over the pandemic with coronavirus-related online scams, the NCSC and the City of London Police also launched the Suspicious Email Reporting Service – resulting in thousands of malicious websites being taken down.

The NCSC also provided a wide range of advice for businesses and individuals switching to home working as a result of the pandemic. A new remote working scenario was added to the NCSC’s ‘Exercise in a Box’ programme. The initiative, which allows people to test their cyber defences against realistic scenarios was used by people in 125 countries this year.

Read more about the NCSC Annual Review on their website.

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