Meet IT and Cyber Security Experts, SaaSAge

Article Date: 20th July 2020. 3 min read.

The Cyber Resilience Centre (CRC) is proud to be working in partnership with local managed IT services provider, SaaSAge. Their expert team are on the forefront of industry developments so that they can deliver real-world services to businesses across a wide range of sectors. They provide a range of cyber security services, including penetration testing, incident recovery, and Cyber Essentials. 

Andrew Doyle, CEO at SaaSAge says ‘Cyber Essentials takes care of the basics of IT security to ensure there are no obvious gaping holes waiting to be exploited by online criminals and fraudsters.’ SaaSAge work with businesses to put the right cyber security measures in place to fill in any vulnerabilities that are identified through Cyber Essentials. 

In the past 6 months, Andrew reports that the cybercrime trends crche has seen impacting businesses have been focused on exploiting the disruptions causes by COVID-19. This includes phishing and smishing attempts posing as Government grants and funding schemes. These scams are designed to fool businesses into giving away sensitive information that can then be used maliciously. 

SaaSAge is an IASME accredited Cyber Essentials certification body and is a member of the CRC’s Trusted Supplier network. Andrew joined the Trusted Supplier network to help Greater Manchester businesses flourish, thrive and defend against costly cybercrime. Andrew said to do this we need ‘a solid foundation of security and best-practice productivity toolsets.’ 

To find out more about how SaaSAge can support your business, visit: