Meet our Ethical Hackers!

Article date: 29th June 2020. 3 min read.

Meet our talented team of Cyber Security Consultants (Ethical Hackers) who work with Greater Manchester businesses to provide advice and support through our cyber resilience services. These include Corporate Internet Investigation, Internal Vulnerability Assessment and Cyber Awareness Training.

The team is made up of five Junior Ethical Hackers; Hristo, Marie, Amirali, Aleksandra and Maksmillion who crcare currently studying at local universities. The Cyber Resilience Centre (CRC) works in partnership with the University of Salford, the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University to develop a strong, cyber student community.

When we asked the Junior Ethical Hackers ‘what motivated you to study cyber security?’ Alexandra said ‘The reason for choosing to study cyber security is that this sector touches everyone. In the age of technology where everyone is connected, there are different types of information and data sharing which opens a gate to online threats.’

Amirali said his ‘ambition is to help as many businesses and individuals as possible with cybersecurity as it plays a big role in our society. It includes everything that pertains to protecting our sensitive data from theft and damage by criminals.’ 

Managing the Ethical Hacking team is Senior Ethical Hacker MJ. He says ‘it is fantastic to work closely with the wider team to deliver and manage the CRC's services and to manage the brilliant team of Junior Ethical Hackers. As a cyber technical expert at the CRC, I provide guidance and support on all cyber security matters whilst working alongside our expert partners network and policing.’

The CRC's wider network including our Guidance Council and Cyber Expert Group ensures that the latest advice and guidance is offered to businesses. Junior Ethical Hacker Marie says the opportunity to work with the CRC and the wider network is a great way to ‘gain more experience’ as she pursues a career in cyber security.

The team was chosen for their skills and dedication to the CRC’s mission to grow and strengthen the region’s resilience to cybercrime. Maksmillion said ‘Cyber-attacks are constantly heard about on the news and the damage being done by cyber-criminals is increasing annually at an almost exponential rate, yet many businesses still overlook cyber security in their day-to-day operations.’

Hristo wants to help ‘small businesses that can’t always afford the right security measures to defend against attacks.’ The CRC offers affordable membership and services so that businesses across all sectors can defend against cyberthreats. Our Ethical Hackers also support the CRC to help businesses that have been affected by cybercrime and online fraud through our Cybercrime Recovery Service.