Trusted Supplier: Jovasi Technology

Jovasi Technology is the newest member to join the Cyber Resilience Centre for Greater Manchester’s (CRC) Trusted Supplier group. Established in 2008, they were working mainly with educational establishments at the beginning, but now provide cyber services to local authorities, public bodies and other organisations. Their security architects have also worked on large scale projects to identify vulnerabilities in software and systems, including a UK power distribution company to ensure their smart grid systems were secure before deployment into the national grid. 

crcBy working closely with the IASME Consortium, Jovasi Technology have certified several businesses in Cyber Essentials, from single-person micro-businesses to large organisations. They are currently working with local authorities in Wales and businesses across Greater Manchester to certify them in Cyber Essentials Plus to build their awareness of cyber threats. Director of Jovasi Technology, Huw Vaughan Jones said ‘We believe that Cyber Essentials is a good starting point to help companies to evaluate their online resilience. We ensure all our customers understand that it is not just a box-ticking exercise – the security measures need to be put in place so they can defend against attacks.’

​The cyber threat landscape continues to evolve and change, and there has been a notable increase in online scams since the COVID-19 outbreak. Huw reports having seen an ‘increase in ransomware attacks in the past 6 months’, with even more sophisticated spear-phishing methods. ‘We believe that this change in tactics from the cybercriminals has the potential to cause more damage to a company in the longer term, whilst it may be possible to recover encrypted files from backups, it is much more difficult to repair the damage to reputation from a data leak.’

The team at the CRC are very excited to be working with Jovasi Technology to create a cyber resilient Greater Manchester. Their cybersecurity expertise and experience with a range of businesses make them an excellent provider of Cyber Essentials

For more information about Jovasi Technology, visit their website.​