Meet our Trusted Supplier, Cybertec Group

Cybertec Group is a company consisting of ex UK Military service personnel who have years of experience in highly technical roles, from Integrated Communications Systems to Cyber Security for some of the UK’s most high readiness military units and emergency response.

Their multi-talented consultants are qualified in acrc number of areas, from Certified Ethical Hackers, to National Cyber Security Centre certified Senior Risk Advisors. Their services include Vulnerability Assessments/Penetration Testing (a method of identifying weaknesses in online systems), Cyber Awareness and Data Protection Training and Incident Response. Senior Technical SME, Gary Weller who has over 22 years of IT systems and managementexperience is responsible for evaluating business security.

As a Trusted Supplier with the Cyber Resilience Centre (CRC), we are thrilled to be working with Gary and Cybertec Group to promote Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus to Greater Manchester businesses. This is the perfect way for any business to start their journey to becoming aware of cyber threats and to build resilience to online attacks.

We asked Gary what online crime trends Cybertec Group have seen over the past six months. Gary said ‘we have sadly seen malware encryption against large companies where the cybercriminals have asked for a large ransom in the form of a cryptocurrency. Our incidence response service helps businesses that have suffered an attack to respond correctly and efficiently. We have also seen a rise in targeted phishing attempts against

Cybertec Group has also been supporting businesses to defend against the latest cyberthreats that have arisen since the recent changes in working environments caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Gary said ‘hackers have been taking advantage of homeworkers in this difficult time often by using targeted email attacks.’ Cybertec Group have been advising businesses with homeworkers to use VPNs, have strong passwords for all online accounts and have a policy in place in case of a breach.

crcThe CRC is thrilled to be working in partnership with such an established team who are helping businesses prevent severe online attacks. Visit Cybertec’s website for more information on their cyber security services and get the basics in place for your businessthrough the cost-effective Cyber Essentials certification.